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For counters with type of the tariff "Formula" the cost is calculated by the formula entered by the user. Formula - it is a simple arithmetic expression that can contain variables (total; value; tariff), mathematical operations, constants, and functions.

Total - the current absolute value, calculated as the sum of all previous values ​​(delta) plus the sum of the current value (delta).
Value - the relative value (delta), showing the change of the current total, compared to the previous total.
Tariff - the current value of the tariff. The tariffs are specified separately for each indication.
Cost - the result of the calculation formula.

Each of the above variables has its abbreviated name.

Total might be called: total, t.
Value (delta): value, v.
Tariff : tariff, trf.

Below, as an example there are two equivalent formulas:

(total-value) * tariff
(t-v) * trf

The standard arithmetic operations that are available for use in the formulas :

+ : Addition
- : Subtraction
* : Multiplication
/ : Division
% : The division with remainder
^ : Exponentiation

For example: (1+2) - 3 * total / (value^tariff)

Constants are available for use in the formulas :

e : base of the natural logarithm
pi: number pi

For example : pi / 4 + e ^ rate

Mathematical functions are available for use in formulas :

abs : absolute value of the argument
acos : arc cosine of the argument
asin : arc sine of the argument
atan : arc tangent of the argument
average : the average number of arguments
ceil : the next highest integer of the argument
cos : cosine of the argument
cosh : hyperbolic cosine of the argument
floor : the nearest whole number, rounding down to the argument
ln : natural logarithm (base e)
log : logarithm to the base 10
max : the maximum number of arguments
min : minimum number of arguments
round : the number of rounds
sin : the sine of the argument
sinh : hyperbolic sine of the argument
sum : sum of the arguments
tan : tangent of the argument
tanh : hyperbolic tangent of the argument
random : pseudo-random number from 0 to 1

For example: sin(tariff) * random

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