About app

This application will help you:
  • Organize and keep track of any measuring processes;
  • Obtain summary information about the indications for the period;
  • Make a flexible output configuration information;
  • Export data to CSV for later download to a spreadsheet;
  • Restore data from a backup.

Counters PRO are suitable to account for:
  • Personal finance and budgeting;
  • Costs and revenues;
  • Advances and debts;
  • Your height, weight, body temperature;
  • Meter reading utilities: gas, electricity and water;
  • Other measuring processes.

How does it work?

Counter and indication, the two main concepts on which the program is built.

Counter - it is a accounting object. Counter may be all that is to be measured. For example: your income and expenses, your height, mileage of your car, number of cups of tea drunk during the day, the amount of consumed gas and other utility bills.

Indication - a measurement of the accounting object at a particular point in time. For example, if the counter is created to account for the income, the amount of income is an indication, to register in the counter.

The application allows you to add an unlimited number of counters and record an unlimited number of indications for each of them. Information about indications displayed in list form and graph, and can also be grouped by period, copied to another counter, exported to a spreadsheet.

Why Counters PRO?

  1. The application is easy to use and does not require the user produce unnecessary operations to get the desired result;
  2. All aspects of the program are detailed in the user guide;
  3. The project is actively developed.

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