User guide / Adding a new counter

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To add a new counter:
  1. Run the program;
  2. Click on the "Add" button, available from the main menu;
  3. Tune the settings of counter in the dialogue;
  4. Click the "Save" button.


List attributes of counter presented below.

1. Title. Try to find the most accurate and short name for the added counter. For example: Purse, Electricity, My weight.

2. Description. One or more words, separated by commas desirable. In the list of counters, the records are sorted by description, and only then by name.

 Tip: You can use this feature to sort records in the list of counters. For example, if in the description of all counters related to the services of public utilities, write utilities. Records with this description in the list of counters will be located nearby.

3. Unit of measure. The unit of currency can be specified in ISO 4217 format. For example: USD in the lists will appear as a $, and the total value of the counter will be displayed in currency format: $1,234.23

4. Type of tariff. The value of this attribute affects the method of calculation of the cost. The possible values ​​are: Without - amount of costs is not calculated and, accordingly, does not appear in the list of indications; Simple tariff - the cost is calculated as value multiplied by tariff value; Formula - the cost calculated by the entered formula.

5. Text of formula. Is a attribute editable only for counters with type of the tariff "Formula". Read about the formulas usage in the next section.

6. Currency of the tariff. The value can be specified any text, as well as currency in ISO 4217 format.

7. Period of values registration. It has an impact on records output format in the list of indications. If the value specified "Month", the entry in the list of indications will show the name of the month for which the reading is introduced. If the "Day", respectively, then the name of the day.

8. Grouping by period. The values ​​available for selection: Without, Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour. If the value specified "Year", the list of indications will be grouped by year. For the formed groups will be calculated totals.

9. Type of view values ​​in list. The following options to select: Delta (value) - last entered value; Total value - total sum of deltas; Cost - value calculated by formula; Total cost.

10. Color. Color label in the list of counters and color of graphic on the list of indications of this counter.

When you enter a title, description, unit of measure and currency, you can use HTML tags to format. For example: a unit of measure m3 (cubic meter), in the list of counters and in the list of indications will look like m3, if you specify the following value: m<small><sup>3</sup></small>

New counter can be created by copying an existing counter. In order to make a copy:
  1. Open an existing counter for the editing;
  2. Click on the "Copy", available from the main menu;
  3. In the dialog box, type the new title and description;
  4. Click on the "Continue".


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