User guide / Registering a new indication

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In order to be register a new indication:
  1. Open the list of indication. To do this, click on an interesting entry in the list of counters;
  2. From the list of indications, click on "Add";
  3. Enter the value;
  4. Click the "Save" button.


Attributes of indication presented below.
  1. Current value;
  2. Type of current value. Possible options to choose from: the absolute value (current total), the relative value (delta, showing the change of the current total value, compared to the previous total value);
  3. Tariff;
  4. Note. One or more words, separated by commas desirable. Note can be written in a few lines. When you enter a note, you can use html tags to format;
  5. Date;
  6. Time.
Indications can be copied to the list of indications of another counter. In order to make a copy :
  1. Select " Copy to ...";
  2. In the dialog pick the counters;
  3. Click the "OK" button. Indications will be copied in choosed counters.


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